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Presto Salad Shooter - Cooking and Canning Co.

Cooking and Canning Co. Featuring Genuine Presto® SaladShooters®

Presto Salad Shooter
Presto Salad Shooter

Presto Professional Salad Shooter
Presto Professional Salad Shooter


*Quick and easy to use!
SaladShooter® Service Parts
Shredding & Slicing Cones
Presto Salad Shooter Parts

The efficient kitchen helper takes the work and mess out of slicing and shredding vegetables, fruits, cheese and more.

Make salads, soups, pizzas, tacos, desserts and more. Shoot one ingredient after another right where you want. There are no extra bowls to clean.

Simple to use! Interchangeable slicing and shredding cones slip right in. Base easily wipes clean. All other parts are dishwasher safe.

*Presto® is a registered trademark of National Presto Industries Inc.

Cooking and Canning Company is a reseller of National Presto® products.