Click to enlargePresto® PowerPop® microwave multi-popper

Presto PowerPop microwave multi-popper popcorn poper
The microwave popper that really works!
It pops up to three quarts of delicious popcorn in as little as 2 1/2 minutes.
One FREE pack of Power Cups Included!


Presto PowerCup Concentrator ( 6 Pack)Presto PowerCup Concentrator ( 6 Pack)SAVE on a 6 Pack. (Box of 6 - 8 Packs!)Presto
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(1.79 per Pack)
Sold 8 concentrators per pack (Box of 6 - 8 Packs!) Presto
These are Genuine

Presto® PowerCup Concentrator
Don’t be Fooled by Imitations
Only One Presto PowerCup Concentrator when used correctly should
last 12 to 24 USE’S !

The Presto PowerCup Concentrator is specially designed to work with the Presto PowerPop. The PowerCup Concentrators are sold in a convenient 8 pack.

Presto PowerCup Concentrator ( 6 Pack) 9964x6$10.74

Presto® PowerPop® Microwave Popcorn Popper Instructions

Presto PowerPop microwave multi-popper popcorn popper Pop with oil for a buttery flavor or without oil for a lighter snack. The exclusive PowerBase and PowerCup concentrators combine to focus microwave energy so effectively that virtually every kernel pops. Fits in most microwave ovens, even compact models with cavity sizes over 6 1/2 inches tall by 10 inches wide.
The Presto PowerPop microwave multi-popper features: Easy to clean! The bowl and lid are fully immersible and dishwasher safe 10 X 10 X 6 1/2" Presto Model 4830