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Our Commitment To Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us.
To better protect your privacy the following notice explains the information we collect, how it is used, how it is safeguarded, and how to contact us if you have any concerns.
We do not sell, trade, or rent to others any personal information we collect.

We hate spam as much as you do. Actually, I think we hate it more since we get something like 100-odd junk e-mails each day. So, we will NEVER send you any unsolicited e-mail.

What Information Is Collected:

As part of the order process, the following information is collected from shoppers:

Name Shipping/Billing Address Email address Phone number Credit/Debit Card Information

How That Information Is Used:

To fill orders only, or to contact buyers if we have questions.

Our Commitment To The Security of Your Data

When you place an order with us, all of your order information, including your card number and address, is transmitted through the Internet using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)(https). SSL technology causes your browser to encrypt your order information before it is sent to our secure server. SSL technology, a industry standard, is designed to prevent someone other than operators of our Site from capturing and viewing your personal information.

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