Click to enlargeMirro 9882 Gasket

Mirro 9882 Gasket
Mirro, Mirro-Matic Canner Gasket 9882
Mirro Pressure Cooker Seal/Gasket
Part Number S9882, 9882 S, S 9882, M9882.



Also fits Kentucky Fried Chicken (K F C) 16 in. pressure cooker.

ORIGINAL INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Soak gasket in hot water 10-15 minutes before using. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Any residue released from rubber is harmless. Lubricate gasket lightly with cooking oil or shortening the first 1 or 2 times only. See Pressure Cooker book for more detailed information. Remove from Cooker after every use and wash in hot soapy water, (being careful not to stretch.) NOTE: If gasket is a little big, this is typical of the Mirro pressure cooker gaskets, as they do shrink quite a bit during the first few uses. Place pressure cooker gasket in lid of pressure cooker, laying the gasket out as flat as you can, not looped in one place, but wavy all the way around. Again, during the first few uses the gasket should be soaked in hot water, dried, rubbed down with cooking oil, as the hot water & cooking oil combination, with the heat of the cooking, causes the gasket to expand a bit, which will allow it to seal. Once gasket is installed, put lid on pressure cooker & begin use or just boil water & let cool. The new gasket will expand, contract & shrink a bit to seat in the lid properly.