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PRESTO Presto parts
Presto® Pressure Cooker Parts
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Find your Presto Pressure Cooker/Canner Model Number If you have a newer model.
You can usually find the model number on the bottom of the pressure cooker
OR ON THE pressure cooker BODY.
Under the handle.
Presto 0136001

A sticker on the handle
Presto 206
Newer models start with 01/ or 02/ followed by letters like PC or PA and more letters and/or numbers.
The most recent styles always have seven digits (all numerical) model numbers starting with 01 or 02 (Example: 0136304).

Older models, the number can probably be found on a label attached to the top of the cover. Old units have model numbers like
5,7B, 40, 50, 204, 606, etc.

Presto 7B
Model 7-B
Presto 404
Model 404

The PRESTO Sealing Ring I ordered is Too BIG ?
Please Note - All Presto Pressure Cookers have the number 409A stamped on the bottom of the cooker,
this is not the model number. It is a number used to indicate the product's listing by Underwriters Laboratories
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MIRRO Mirro Pressure Cooker/Canner Model Numbers. Model numbers are found on the bottom of the pressure cooker/canner.

 Mirro M-0512
Model M-0512

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The PRESTO Sealing Ring I ordered is Too BIG ?

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