Fits 606 Meat Master

Presto Pressure Cooker Model 606 Meat Master.

Sealing Ring - Gasket fits Presto 606

Please note; This is a after market Sealing Ring.
Made in U.S.A.

Sealing Ring for Presto Model 606 Meat Master 606MM$12.95
The 606 Meat Master is a unique pressure cooker.

The 606 has a groove in the lid that is different from other cookers
it's parallel with the cooker,(it's strait up and down)

1. Remove the old sealing ring from the pressure cooker lid and wash and clean the groove out completely. You must be certain that the groove is completely clean. That there are no old pieces of sealing ring or debris of any kind in the groove.

2. Wash with hot water before installing. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Any residue released from rubber is harmless. Lubricate sealing ring lightly with cooking oil.

3. Push sealing ring firmly down and back into groove.

The first few times you put the lid on your model 606 you will need you push down on the lid.
Lubricate sealing ring lightly with cooking oil if lid seams hard to turn on.

Inspect sealing ring each time you use your Presto 606 Meat Master making sure the gasket is in the groove.