Presto Pressure Cooker Model “01/PS4”.
Parts List for Presto “01/PS4” Pressure Cooker.

Genuine Presto® OEM factory replacement service parts.
Presto® parts for the Presto® model “01/PS4” may be ordered on-line using the links below.

Presto 9936 Pressure Cooker Sealing RingPresto 9936 Pressure Cooker Sealing Ring
85608 Vent Pipe85608 Vent Pipe
Presto 9978 Pressure Cooker,Pressure Regulator (Jiggler)Presto 9978 Pressure Cooker,Pressure Regulator (Jiggler)
85312 Cover Handle85312 Cover Handle
9915 Over Pressure Plug9915 Over Pressure Plug
9915Regular price: $3.99Sale price: $2.00
85407 Interlock Assembly85407 Interlock Assembly
Presto 85341 6 3/4 in. dia. Canning RackPresto 85341 6 3/4 in. dia. Canning Rack
Presto 59464 Pressure Cooker Instruction/Recipe BookPresto 59464 Pressure Cooker Instruction/Recipe Book

These are Genuine Presto® Pressure Cooker Parts.Not aftermarket copies. *Guaranteed to fit!
Cooking and Canning Company recommends using only Genuine Presto® parts not (PR) aftermarket copies

*”Guaranteed to fit” Presto pressure cooker parts must be installed correctly and pressure cooker must not be modified from OEM. Presto® original equipment manufacturer
"Presto" is a registered trademark of National Presto Industries, Inc.